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Dr. Patricia G. Cooper, Superintendent



            True to our vision of Achieving Excellence, the School District of Okeechobee County, Florida, made some major strides during the 2007-2008 school year.

            Academically, our district continues to close the achievement gap.  Once again, our district grade of “B” reflects the sincerity and dedication of our administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students.  Seven (7) of our nine (9) graded schools received an “A” or “B;” however, always striving to improve, we continue reviewing assessment and curriculum data to determine where we need to increase rigor or revise instruction.

            Other information reveals to us that we must move forward toward the mandates of class size reduction by adding classrooms.  During the 2007-2008 school year, we moved closer toward accommodating that legislation by completing a fourteen (14) classroom addition at Osceola Middle School.  With state of the art technology, large, spacious classrooms and “school-within-a-school” implementation for 2008-2009, our fifth grade students who will be moving from Central and South Elementary schools, will be largely self-contained but have equal opportunities with their peers attending elementary schools within our district.  Art, music, physical education and technology are a few of the offerings being afforded these students this year.  Also, these fifth graders will have their own dining room within the new building, and, what appeared to be the biggest seller for the students --- their very own lockers!

            Along with anticipated student growth comes the continued need for quality teachers.  Our partnerships with Indian River State College and Florida Atlantic University have allowed a number of potential educators who live and work here to take advantage of college courses for both associate and baccalaureate degrees.  This provides opportunities for our citizens to remain here and obtain high-skill, high-wage credentials.

            Ever-mindful of the need for a strong, well-trained work force, we have implemented the Major Areas of Interest and expanded our career and technical programs.  Both academic and career-related curricula provide dual enrollment programs that allow our students to receive both high school and dual enrollment credit toward their ultimate career goals.

            As educators, we in the school system of Okeechobee County, Florida, believe that education is the key to the future of our young people.  We are pleased and proud to serve this community and would ask you to partner with us in this most important adventure and vision, OKEECHOBEE COUNTY SCHOOLS:  ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE!

Thank you for being a part of

Okeechobee County
Achieving Excellence!!



























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